What I Expected

I was always curious about adult shops, but had yet to enter one. Here I was barely twenty (I totally didn’t get carded for those margaritas) and still an adult store virgin…until now. I imagined something like a major pornographic production would greet us when we walked in; there would be half naked employees, rooms to test before you buy products, lots of porn music and a scent of cum and perfume (I have a fucking wild imagination). I was sort of relieved and slightly disappointed.

What I Saw

At first glance, the place was like any department store you might walk into, except the items on display were more risqué than any mall outlet I’d ever visited. To the left were racks of lingerie; bras, panties, see through negligées. My eyes fell upon a purple lace nightgown and I fell in love. There were mannequins dressed in some of these items and others wearing leather outfits and mask. Another wall on the right had a case of glass pipes and smoking accessories. I felt like a kid in a toy store, I wanted to see and touch everything. My friends and I wandered through the store, looking at items such as penis party favors for bachelorette parties, edible undergarments, sex dice, and commenting on them with pubescent humor.

“Can I help you find anything?”

The woman working the counter came up to us while my friends were trying to convince me to buy an assortment of genital inspired candy.

“Haven’t you ever wondered what pussy taste like?” Derrick asked, waving a pussy pop at me.

“No.” I turned away, blushing.

The saleswoman stood there smiling.

“We have cock suckers too, if you’re interested.” She aimed her remark at Derrick. He put the pussy pop down.

“So, is there anything you’re interested in or are we just here to browse?” she asked.

I felt nervous with my friends behind me, watching.

“I would like to look at vibrators,” I said. I could almost see the shock on my friend’s faces, especially Kayla, who always called me ‘virgin ears,’ or ‘miss innocent.’

“Sure thing,” the woman smiled and led us to an area with a large assortment of vibrators and dildos.

“Wow, there are so many different kinds… What does this do?” I picked up a box that contained a finger size clit stimulator.

“It’s mainly to massage and stimulate the clitoris, though you could use it in other areas; like the nipples.”

“Well, I want something that penetrates too.” I could feel my face grow warm with embarrassing awkwardness. Thankfully the saleswoman wasn’t amused by my shyness, but my friends were another story.

“Isn’t masturbation supposed to be a sin?” Kayla teased.

“Everyone does it,” Derrick chimed in, “church people more than anyone…”

I ignored their comments and looked at the wall displaying the different styles.

What I Found

I wanted something discrete; something that wouldn’t automatically scream, ‘sex toy,’ if my parents or siblings were to accidentally find it. Many of the products appealed to me. I realized I could have any size and shape I wanted, but still being a virgin, I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted or what would work. My eyes landed on a slender smooth pink and white-stripped vibrator. I picked up the package:

What I Discovered

The next day, I had the house to myself and I took the opportunity to test out my new toy. Since it was waterproof, I decided to try it out in the bath. I ran a nice, hot bubble bath, popped some batteries into the vibrator and turned it on. I was glad no one was home, because it wasn’t entirely quiet — though once submerged in water, the sound was muted. The vibrator had six speeds. I started with the lowest just to feel what it could do. I leaned back in the water and pressed the vibrator against my clitoris. The sudden pulsating stimulation made me almost jump. It felt amazing and overwhelming, so I eased up and just teased my clit until I was used to the intense sensations of pleasure thrilling through me. I felt my pussy throb with the need to be penetrated. I slowly worked the six inch shaft into my opening. I sighed with ecstasy as it vibrated inside me. I couldn’t believe how incredibly sensual it felt. I played with the speed settings as I discovered the many ways my new sexual gift could make me orgasm. From that moment on, my vibrator was my go to for satisfying my sexual needs when there wasn’t anyone to play with. Even after I became sexually active, I still enjoyed alone time (especially bath time) with my candy cane vibrator!